Trinten's SBC/F23 build - The work has begun! (Page 1/68)
Trinten AUG 17, 10:48 PM
Hi guys,

So in Mooresville, Scott over at LKN Speed Shop is taking care of the engine build, and in the meantime, Jeff over at Vixen Cycles in Charlotte is working on tearing apart the rear end of my car, dropping my current engine, cleaning up the bay, and starting the process of taking care any rust and then coating the frame! (obviously they do more than just motorcycle stuff!)

Maybe overkill, but this way I'll never need to worry about it rusting. He's also going to be replacing the bushings with the poly stuff (some of them he's fitting with grease fittings).

In the process of the tear down, he apparently found a tiny crab under the trunk carpet (the car was in California at one point near the sea... but still weird! lol), and I guess to tear down the rear of the GT requires some interior disassembly, and my headliner is in worse shape than I thought it was, so he suggested replacing that. :/

So, here's pictures so far!

And then once Scott is done with the engine and I get all the pics from that, I'll put that up along with dyno sheets and any other fun stuff!

On a side note, until I get things fixed/ready with the 6 speed transmission, I was thinking about trying to replicate the girdle that at least one person used on his 4 speed muncie. I've only found one thread with pictures of it, and not a whole lot of details... does anyone know where to find enough details so a duplicate of it could be made?
Trinten NOV 24, 01:12 PM
The engine is finally complete and going through heat cycles and break in!!

Should have the dyno numbers next week, and have it back in the Fiero in the next few weeks!

MooCow NOV 24, 02:57 PM
Very cool. I'm sure you can't wait to drive her again. I am actually just down the road from Jeff at Vixen. Might have to stop by and take a look

Trinten NOV 24, 03:02 PM
Thanks Ken!

Yeah, it's been a long four months man. But hey, things happen. I just feel bad that I might be out of town when they put everything back together. I really wanted to be there.

Ah well. I'll need to get ahold of Jeff in some shape, way, or form and see about hammering out the last few little things on my to-do list, like the exhaust and changing the transmission fluid - going to put in some of Red Lines high shock absorbing stuff to try to help the muncie along for now, though I'm going to be sure to baby it and/or work on that girdle until the five-speed is done (And eventually the six speed...). lol
Trinten JAN 06, 11:42 PM
Well the engine is done with the dyno! His dynostand isn't the super nice computerized ones that we're used to, it's a bit "old fashioned" and when he was explaining it to me (and from what I've seen), alot of it went over my head (it's got gauges and some mechanical controls... pretty much the only thing electircal is the parts that run the ignition controls). The reason why I'm posting all that so the cut-and-paste from his email below will make sense. (and yes, I realize trying to fully utilize the power is next to impossible. For now.)

Are you sitting down?.................
She put down 455hp @6500 and 447ft-lb @5000!!!!
.....and thats not adding in the 20-30 that my dyno has always 'hidden'- these numbers are what came up on the box!!
Man, even "I" didnt expect to see numbers over 420 or so, considering the relatively small 700cfm holley I used, and our basic 'street' intake manifold........ In 'real world' numbers- you have yourself an honest 475hp/460tq 355 smallblock, and ill bet with a good efi setup and a good tune, you could be inching up on 500hp!!
Needless to say, i am probably as excited as you are LOL!!!!!
This made my new years eve, and hopefully yours too!
Thanks again, and Ill get ahold of ya when I get back in the shop monday!
--end email--

So when I get the Fiero back on the street I'll find a dyno to roll it to and see what it does and get a dyno chart!
Dracor JAN 07, 01:39 PM
Nice! That thing oughta move pretty good when its all done.

'84 3800SC, XP cam, 3.2 pully, HPTuners, N* TB, 4sp, SPEC 3+ clutch, Aluminium flywheel, pacesetter headers, F355 body kit, weight reduction

Arns85GT JAN 07, 01:45 PM
Interesting what a good 'ol Holley carb will do The 700 cfm may be about right for the motor. The bigger carb will go more to top end but the smaller one will give more low/mid torque. I'd run it a while before I'd swap it.



Trinten JAN 07, 02:19 PM
Thanks for the comments guys!

Yeah, Scott wanted to dyno it with a 750, but he didn't have one in his shop, so he borrowed a 700 off one of his cars, lol. Mine is only a 650. I don't think I'm going to worry about upgrading the carb, just saving up to do an EFI swap, using the FIRST tpi intake/runners and stuff from

What's left on my list after this (in order of importance to me) is:
brake upgrade
efi and nitrous
transmission(s) upgrade(s)

And then appearance stuff. Better hood venting, Roberts 355 noseclip and F355 interior swap (sorry, his PFF name escapes me at the moment)... and then trying to find out if there's anyway to fit the Autoloc 120 degree doors (preferably the motorized ones). If it's a matter of the things not fitting between the panel and the frame, I might try commission Robert to work up new panels for the front quarters and doors to give it extra room, and then hope the rear quarter scoop panels (still deciding on style) let the new lines flow correctly.

Lastly a paint job and wheels.
Ultimately hope to have it all done by 2012 - sooner if I get out from under my house first! (damn thing has been on the market since July and only 5 people looked at it).

Trinten MAR 02, 10:24 AM
New clutch and pressure plate ordered!

This seems to be one of those topics that people are fairly passionate about, filled with a wide range of personal experiences. As some members can attest to, I've been reading all the threads I could find on clutch preference, and sending PMs to quite a few people asking for more input. Thanks to all who were kind enough to take the time to get back to me with that information!

At the end of the day, with the funds I have to work with at the moment, I decided to give Clutchnet a shot (Though I was *severely* disappointed with the person I spoke to when I called - enough that I send an email to them about it).

Another member on here has their six puck sprung hub unit for his V8, and said the engagement was great. Others have said similiar things. So I got that along with the 2x pressure plate (which is what the guy who answered the phone finally suggested after initially trying to get me to go to Centerforce).

My old clutch and pressure plate wasn't in terrible shape, but it was beat up a bit, so I'll hang on to it in case of an emergency.

Trinten MAR 05, 11:24 PM
Big compliments to Oleg, the man who owns Clutchnet. He got my email and (after a few days of phone tag), we finally connected. He apologized that "Everytime you called, you either got the answering machine or talked to someone stupid." seriously, that's exactly what he said. So he was very sincere in apologizing for the discussion I had with one of his employees, and wanted to get more details on the Fiero to make absolutely sure I had ordered the right thing. Once I explained that the flywheel was designed to allow the SBC to hook up to the trans using practically any Fiero clutch and pressure plate.

So he confirmed my transmission, year and sub-model of my car, and said he'd get the order fulfilled right away!

Overall, very impressed that he took the time to call me directly and apologize and say that he would try to make sure the employee was handled.