Here it is: VBook Example (Page 2/2)
PhantomMs1 MAY 08, 01:53 PM
This is one great feature I never knew about untill today! thanks Cliff!
BobadooFunk MAY 09, 01:33 AM
sweet! i WILL use this!
IwannaIRM MAY 09, 02:09 AM
Requires a sticky to keep it up front for all to read.
Cliff Pennock MAY 09, 08:01 AM

Originally posted by Fieroseverywhere:

So adding a pagebreak will give you a space between the posts you are puting in the v-book? But when you print it will print out on a seperate page? Just want to be sure I am understanding correctly.

Yes, that's it. HTML pages don't support pagebreaks so that's why you don't see anything when you are viewing a VBook, only when you print it (or do a Print Preview).

Now it's time to explain another VBook tag, the "chapter" tag. To create a "header" from a text in your VBook, enclose the text in the [chapter]...[/chapter] tags:

This is a new chapter
This is the text of the new chapter. I also added a [pagebreak] tag so the new chapter starts on a new page when printing the VBook.

(do the "Edit" and "View VBook") to see what I just did.
Cliff Pennock MAY 09, 08:34 AM
PS: Here are two more sample VBooks I made (Click the "Print VBook" links in each of them):

VBook Test:
Headlight Swap:
ltlfrari MAY 09, 05:00 PM
Awsome, What a stunningly simple idea.