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FieroWannaBe JUL 01, 08:36 AM

Originally posted by seajai:

From this photograph, the surface finish on the races in these outer CV cup is far from what i would consider ideal for a bearing surface. It also appears to lack any surface hardening to prevent exactly what happened to them.

I haven't been too pleased with my experiences with The Driveshaft Shop. I have however been very pleased with working with Mark Williams Enterprises, and Rockford CV.
seajai JUL 04, 12:05 AM
The joints they use are made by Interparts, I'm thinking they're pretty low quality. The Drive shaft shop has always been good with customer service and warranty repairs but I'm tired of the problems. Last summer they replaced both the inner joints due to the wear in the pics. The new joints were quiet for less than 500 miles before the noise started again. I was going to send them back over the winter but never got around to it so I decided to run them for the summer and deal with it this fall. The joints are noisy all the time now and I suspect look about the same as before. I may have them switch to a stock Porsche or Audi inner joint and make a flange for the transmission output shafts to bolt the joints to. I guess we'll see what happens. They owe me something, this whole process has been a real PITA!
seajai JUL 10, 02:49 AM
Well it's been a little over 2 years without any sort of update so I should probably do that. The swap is still running strong, the only trouble I had recently was a loose cable at the starter causing a no crank issue. This spring, after a couple years of living with the dark green color, I decided that I had had my fill of plasti-dip and it was time for a change.

I contacted a friend of mine who owns a vinyl wrap business and worked out a deal to get my car wrapped. So the adventure of removing all traces of green plasti-dip began. I ended up removing all but the fastback clip and the roof panel to get rid of the dip overspray. There are more nooks and crannies on a Fiero for the dip to hide than I could count. There was also some body and paint problems to address before the wrap could go on.

After The wrap was done and the car reassembled I decided I wanted get rid of the fiberglass pieces and to go back to regular quarter windows. After weighing my options, including a pair of NOS windows, I decided to get the new Fiero store premium quarter windows.

I did not use the supplied tape. I opted for 3M urethane foam acrylic adhesive tape and adhesion promoter.

I also wanted to go with a bronze colored wheel but they weren't in the budget so I opted to paint my existing wheels. I used Dupli-Color wheel paint and matte clear. This is great stuff, it laid down nice and flat and covered in just a few coats.

So after all that work, this is the new look.

mafv8 JUL 10, 04:27 PM
Love the new color, it really suites the car.

84SE, aero body, 4 speed and an injected 355 V8

shemdogg JUL 10, 10:42 PM
Im diggin the color, whole car looks killer!

Sage JUL 11, 06:59 AM
Very nice! The "new" look really makes the car look like a true "exotic"...nice work.

Vicophine JUL 11, 08:16 AM
I normally am not a fan of people modifying the body of Fiero's too much (Just purely personal taste), HOWEVER, yours is absolutely fantastic. Love the look so much! Great taste and beautiful work!
Toddster JUL 14, 02:51 PM
One thing I worry about is the water pump. The 3.5 chrysler water pump was designed for a short run of fluid. The run from the rear of the car to the radiator in the front can put a lot of extra pressure and heat on the impeller. You should not use a plastic impeller but a steel one if you can.