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Bozzie JAN 17, 12:27 PM
Hello Everyone,

Time for a update as SO much has happened in the last year. My shop has burned down taking Alchemy with it. Also a customers 88 Formula, a very nice car as well. I have to say that even thou its been a year im just coming out of the shock of it all. Having to reestablish a new location to work out of and start anew as i lost pretty much everything. Losing a project like this is beyond hurtful and the years invested and dollars and blood sweat and tears / fustrations and small victorys on the project burn thru my memories as well as everyones support and inspiration. Thank you for that. I will post some pics soon of Alchemy or if Exotics can post a pic i would appreciate it as i have to download the software to post pics on my new computer, lots to do . I was building a GTM as well and that body was burned but i think i might get a new body and bring it back as the fire burned at a higher level, and Alchemy was in a lift just above the GTM so she took the brunt of it. I had a Mc Burnie daytona spyder i was building in the next room and thankfully it survived with only smoke damage, im working on her now. A NEW Alchemy is in the works and i will have BIG news to share hopefully after this coming weekend . RCR will be impressed ! As i know he will understand when he sees it I wish everyone well and Healthy and im looking forward to moving on with a new build and upgrades soon in the Fiero Forum . Cant wait to come back .

Take Care,
zkhennings JAN 19, 10:03 AM
Never posted but have always kept up with your thread, your Fiero looked amazing, I couldn't wait to see it painted. Really sorry about your shop and your projects, I can't even imagine.
exoticse JAN 27, 09:59 PM


Will JAN 28, 01:00 PM
I saw on FaceBalk... This forum doesn't have a "shed a tear" emoji.