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kcn0 JUN 20, 01:49 PM
Nice ride. I live near you and would like to see it whenever you are available. Check your PMs for my contact info.

RCR JUN 21, 01:03 PM

Originally posted by hercimer01:

The mirror is Gentex which is in alot of different car makes. I found theses on a 1999 Buick LeSabre Limited. Personally I don't like the looks of the Corvette side mirrors because of the telescoping look which to me doesn't flow with the styling of a fiero. These are similar, fiberglass and easily modded to fit right. (I hope)

Maybe these will work. They have power,defrost and auto dim.

Have you mounted the mirrors yet? Pics??

hercimer01 JUN 22, 01:47 PM
Sorry. Life got busy. The rear view mirror is in. MP3 Pontiac CD player to. I put in Dynamat also with 2 layers on the rear firewall even under the computer must.

I will post pics tonight.
hercimer01 SEP 21, 12:46 AM
adm927 SEP 21, 01:44 AM
looks pretty fast so what was the time? Was it quarter mile, or eighth mile?
hercimer01 SEP 22, 12:07 AM
This was this past weekend on premium with junk in the trunk.

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hercimer01 SEP 22, 12:16 AM
This was 2 years ago. The car was completely empty (3000LBS w/ me in it) and on race gas

hercimer01 NOV 18, 01:05 AM
I put some LEDs in. Nice.


After notice the faded needles

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AustinH SEP 22, 12:01 AM

Originally posted by hercimer01:

The needles before and after.

Testors Pactra RC78.

How did you get the needles on and off without messing the position of the coil up? How did you recalibrate the true position of the needle's offset on the coil (NOT the potentionemter way)??
hercimer01 DEC 15, 12:16 PM
Sorry it took so long to post.

First I took a good picture of the position of the needles resting position before i started. I popped them off with an upholstery tool, protect the gauge face with a piece of paper under the tool when your prying. They come off ok, it's a little unnerving but doable. When you put them back on, just be sure and put them back where they were when you started. You can verify the speed with your GPS app in your phone and the rest of them aren't critical for position. I haven't noticed anything worthy of concern. Since you have a 3800SC, I used the Torque app to verify the tach. You might have to reposition the needle so its correct.

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