madcurl APR 11, 08:47 PM
It's been a while since previous choptop owners have posted current or finished projects. We all know what Chester is doing to the "Dirty Rat" and me. But what about other choptop owners who don't post here often. Are there anthing new that you would like to add here? Pics? And for those who are thinking about getting their cars chopped, what are some of the modifications you plan on doing? Notchback or Fastback which one? IRM, Fiero warhouse molds, or Ausie's? What type of engine/trans package? Crate, LT1, LS1, Northstar, or 3800SC?

Disclaimer: this thead is intended for the solely perpose of entertaining and not to "inflame or to mock others" so please lets all get alone, Curley (a.k.a Madcurl)


DL10......whats new with your choptop? Summers here, have you come out to play?

GMGW3....whats the latest news with your choptop? pics please?

Jim88GT....anything you can share with us here, pics please?

The new owner of the "Stinger" What are some of your experiences since you've gottne that sweet ride?

Dirty Rat's........once your car is finished with the Targa top, will you go insane while driving it? I know I would!

Edit" #15

JScott: First 4.9 chopper

Sharona chopper:

Sharkman: Europes first choptop Fiero.

Archie, what are your thoughts on having a choptop in every state of the union?

Silver Polished the rims after a brief snow storm while going through NM. Cruised down to Audi Dealer for the flip-up mold on the audi 2003 TT. No one was there to try make me buy a new car...go figure its Easter Sunday perrrrfect!


Jim88GT APR 11, 09:07 PM
Patience, patience, patience.........


sqoach APR 11, 09:45 PM
What I want to know is how many choptops plan to be at the Wheatstock event in Topeka?
Will-Martin APR 11, 09:49 PM

Originally posted by sqoach:

What I want to know is how many choptops plan to be at the Wheatstock event in Topeka?

I second that!!!

jscott1 APR 11, 10:14 PM
A Chop is on my shopping list, and there hasn't been a firebird interior chop yet

hint obviously I'm not talking about choping my t-top.

If you find my advice useful, then please give me a positive rating, thanks...

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chester APR 11, 10:21 PM

Originally posted by madcurl:
Dirty Rat's........once your car is finished with the Targa top, will you go insane while driving it? I know I would!

Hell yeah! I'm going to enjoy and drive it for a few while I work on my tail light mod. It's going to be another unique feature of the car. Once the door panels are installed and done, and the tail lights - it will be time to paint...I also have the interior to address - new carpet, and audio/video system including alarm of course. Later down the line it will sport the Held 13" brake system, but I have to a) let me wallet recover a bit and B) get some things done to Elvira’s car. She's been really patient with me... I think she deserves a nice mod - like maybe a convertible.

As far as Wheatstock goes - I don't think I'm going to make it. I have to save my remaining vacation time to attend my daughters wedding later this year..
I will however invade as many local car shows as I possibly can!


Rob D.


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madcurl APR 11, 10:53 PM

Originally posted by sqoach:

What I want to know is how many choptops plan to be at the Wheatstock event in Topeka?

If my car was in OK I would, however I drove that puppy back to CA. I plan on going to the West fest show in CA. Thats if hell don't break loose in Europe before I get back?

Fiero Redux car may be on its way to Archie's for the chop, if things are going right by then?


madcurl APR 11, 10:58 PM

Originally posted by Jim88GT:

Patience, patience, patience.........


How much longer? 2-3 months? Near completion? 90% finished? A sneek-peek pic please?

Question: where are most of the Choptop located? Backeast, right? What ever happend to the PPE and the Gun metal gray Choptop?


SLAMMED87GT APR 11, 11:32 PM
There is also the 1st choptop Archie ever did, his name on PFF is...choptop.

Will be interesting to know WHERE these car will be at shows this summer.

'87GT auto MODS!, 3" Drop on 17's, 3800 Turbo on the way....
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madcurl APR 12, 01:46 PM
Experiences: (Person) see wall paper. Uhhh.......thats a Fiero, I haven't seen one of those in a long time. (Me) Yeah, there still around, but mine has a V8 in it. (person) hah? How does that fit in a Fiero? (me) Ahhh GM designed it that way, some race car guro's there had future plans or something. (person) Well I guess one would need to beef-up the brakes and suspenion? (me) yeah, most due with custom or Corvette brakes and suspenion. Some usually have a LT1, I have just the "old" mans N*motor. (person) Silence.........I didn't know that the doors open like that on a Fiero? (me) yeah, if you want them too, hehehe. I later click-onto Pennnocks. (person) what web site is this. He scrolls through site that Songman posted. (me) he had to leave due other people that I needed to see, but he did remember the name "Pennock's."

This was a brief conversation for about 2-4 minutes so I didn't go into detail. Hehehehe....what's so good about the conversation.....he didn't even notice the chop. Good Work V8 Archie for making a kit thats "looks" like it belongs there!
I'm going into Audi dealer again for next project. I need to buy those darn flip-ups for the dash. I'll park it on the side of the Porsche/Audi show room, hehehe. This usually brings out one or two salemens. Only this time it well be "deja vu" with the Audi 2003 TT gauges in! Hello!


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