FieroGT stretch Concept (Page 239/240)
Bladerunner SEP 13, 02:13 PM
Beautiful work! Glad to see you active and posting again.
jlindquist OCT 10, 05:02 PM
completed my tube frame fiero, 3.1 gm with 6 each 2" throttle bodies, velocity stacks, heads ported, quarter master 5 1/2" clutch and flywheel, porsche 5 speed gear box, SCCA logbook, custom fiberglass body, widened to 70", wheel base stretched. this build has a mild race cam, roller rockers, Mega squirt Pro 3 ecm. clutch travel is very short, in or out no middle ground. fun build more fun to drive.[img][/im g]
Amida OCT 16, 02:51 PM
Awesome work!
IMSA GT OCT 16, 03:59 PM

Originally posted by Amida:

Awesome work!

Did I miss something here or did that guy post randomly in your thread?
Ncfiero DEC 12, 06:57 PM
Are you going to put those fender flares in to production?
JOE 4RE AUG 28, 05:35 PM

Any more G1 dash and door panel sets on the horizon anytime soon??

Check your email....


'88 Fiero GT
Med. Red Metallic
loaded 5 speed

BigBearfiero OCT 04, 05:55 PM
Need your full kit
mrroy61805 DEC 12, 08:51 AM
Just checking in to see if Amida is still active in the fiero fiberglass world.
exoticse DEC 14, 04:32 AM
Amida I WISH I had your skills !! 🔥
Mahanimal JAN 06, 01:29 PM
I'm interested in a G1 dash and door panels, I sent an email to your Comcast account.