An Exotic Adventure,..the Rebirth of Choptop #4 ! (Page 106/106)
exoticse JAN 03, 04:16 PM
Almost ready to go back in.

New gaskets, harness, mounts, and accessories.

New exhaust and tips, also going in.
shemdogg JAN 03, 08:51 PM
Looking good, I love the absence on wiring all over the engine. Dont forget the crossover pipe lol!

exoticse JAN 06, 11:42 PM

Engine back in and everything being plumbed back up and buttoned up.

Next up exhaust.

Rickady88GT JAN 07, 04:02 PM
Very nice
exoticse FEB 25, 01:02 AM

New eyes, new exhaust, and tips installed.