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Archie FEB 17, 01:19 PM
As discussed in the What's up at Archie's thread, I'm starting a build thread on ClayTonto's car.

When the car got to our shop He had already completed a 383 stroker 6 speed swap to his '87 GT. He had already had norm install a flipper nose on the car.

We are in the process of doing a Mad-Arch WideBody installation. We are also installing a PISA wraparound dash & installing digital gages the he supplied & CF tail light assemblies. This is a non-chopped car & we are also designing a rear hatch decklid on the car.

There are several other things we are doing to the car but that's the just of it.

When it got here, it looked like this......

In order to make this thread complete he has given me some copies of the pictures he took when doing the engine/trans swap. I'll post those up here.

If you have any questions about that part of the build, you can ask him about that in this thread also.

So here we go........
Archie FEB 17, 01:50 PM
Here is the donor car

He has been a professional sound system designer & here are a few pics of the sound system he had in the car. Note that the system is not in the car right now as he is going to be installing a new one when we're done with the car.

Engine/trans swap pictures

There you go. Next we'll get to our part of the build.


madcurl FEB 17, 02:10 PM
Pontiac excitement!


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whodeanie FEB 17, 02:18 PM
nice something new to save to favorites!
ClayTonto FEB 17, 05:42 PM

We need a name for this one.

Here's a few specs:
Engine: Chevrolet 383 V8 + N.O.S.
Tranny: F40 MT2 6-speed, Spec Stage 3+ clutch
Front Suspension: HT Motorsports Slalom kit w/ fabricated tubular upper and lower control arms, adjustable coilovers, HHP adjustable sway bars
Rear Suspension: Tubular lower control arm with adjustable Koni struts and HHP adjustable sway bars
Brakes: 13" Wilwood crossdrilled slotted rotors, 4 piston Billet calipers, high pressure master cylinder w/ fully adjustable biasing

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madcurl FEB 17, 07:02 PM

Originally posted by ClayTonto:

We need a name for this one.

Your car is the 1st of it's kind in several ways (perhaps more to follow due to the making of hatch mold); hatchback using the 350Z glass, Mad-Arch wide body kit, and Norms Flipper.

it's your call.
Mister FEB 17, 08:32 PM

Originally posted by Archie:

I guess that's how you stroke an engine
CTFieroGT87 FEB 17, 10:31 PM
As enthusiastic as I am for a new swap and the car in general, it pains me to see another set of Sandersons going on a car that'll actually be driven. I really wonder how long it'll take for them to start cracking... 8 months for my first time.

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ClayTonto FEB 18, 03:25 AM
I'm hoping to beat your record of 8 months, then again I do need an excuse to have some custom longtubes made.
ltlfrari FEB 18, 06:56 AM


Is it just me or are these calipers on upside down (bleeder is at the bottom)?
Since they are Willwoods I suspect they have been put on the wrong sides.