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jjd2296 MAY 10, 06:52 PM
good point I didnt think of doing that on the cruise canister mounting bracket.
jjd2296 JUN 22, 10:15 PM
Made some more progress. Upgraded to gen 2 headlight motors and harness.

jjd2296 JUN 26, 07:40 AM
Made some more progress. Relocated the cruise canister to the old filter box location.

Installed my oil catch can and hooked up all the lines.

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jjd2296 NOV 13, 07:47 AM
more work being done, most of it is small stuff, but I have begun swapping panels off the car to turn it to silver! with some mat black wrap.

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jjd2296 NOV 27, 09:36 PM
Ttop trim pieces refinished in Matt black with a Matt clear coat.

jjd2296 FEB 04, 08:36 PM
Been a bit since my last post. Family and work have kept
Me busy. Engine all in and buttoned down. Just need to hook up trans coolant lines and master brake cylinder. Still need to get started on the interior but the headliner is done. Today was the painstaking process of swapping panels, changing key locks and doing decals.

jjd2296 FEB 10, 10:12 PM
All exterior panels are installed finally!

jjd2296 FEB 25, 08:12 AM
So I ordered replacement p seals from the
Mustang shop. They come with an aluminum backing that’s is fairly thick. The sticky backing isn’t all that sticky and the aluminum is difficult to form into place after making some cuts to be able to bend it accordingly. I don’t like how it looks. So I have ordered a set of
P seals with 3M backing and no aluminum backing off eBay for 50 bucks for the set. Let’s see what they look like when they arrive. Here’s the link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/40...r=artemis&media=COPY
jjd2296 FEB 25, 06:57 PM
Little more progress. Installed the auto shifter, costed the floor pans replaced the floor drain plugs installed the windshield seal. Getting there.

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jjd2296 MAR 03, 07:01 PM