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fourpoint9 SEP 07, 09:38 PM
The car is coming along so I thought I'd start the thread.

I really like the Lotus Sport Elise.
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The Elise's Chrome Orange made me want a Orange Fiero. (I know this one's Yellow)
My Fiero will have the same dark silver stripes.

It's at the paint shop waiting for me to finish the bumpers and side skirts.

Here's the hood vents

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fourpoint9 SEP 07, 09:46 PM

I have the molds made for the front and rear bumpers

Here's pics for the front bumper's plug, made from the top of the fiero bumper and the bottom of a civic's. (somewhat FieRo style)

fourpoint9 SEP 07, 09:49 PM
And here's the rear plug

FieroMontreal SEP 07, 09:51 PM
Great Work! I can't wait to see that finished up

I have a Fiero.. Weeeee

fourpoint9 SEP 07, 09:53 PM
And the Side Skirts plugs. Scoop panels and Rockers all one piece.
I still need to make the molds for these but the plugs are almost finished.

RCR SEP 08, 07:38 AM
Nicely done. That's pretty cool.

kwagner SEP 08, 08:29 AM
Nice job, looking forward to seeing it all "done up"
Douggg SEP 08, 08:56 AM
I really like that front piece.

blackrams SEP 08, 09:54 AM
Some interesting and creative work, very nice, keep it up. I really like that hood vent.

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My imagination is the only limiting factor to my Fiero. Well, there is that money issue.

troyboy SEP 08, 10:23 AM
WOW your car is going to look great! I love the hood vents, 2006 is proving to be a great year for fiero re-do's. I hope all the "New 2006 Fiero's " are ready for a show in 2007.