"concept GTR" dash build-up...Fie Ro style! ;) (Page 2/56)
Phantom-Fiero OCT 31, 09:19 AM
X 2 and a +


Fie Ro OCT 31, 10:01 AM
Thanks! sharing it is fun for me too
Just trimmed the upper pieces:

I plan to mount an unlock button for the glovebox in the middle tube. I hope I can find one that fits.
wetpoop OCT 31, 12:33 PM
You should have a good market for this dash if you decide to sell it. That is, if you don't try to retire off of it. Looks very nice, I like it alot
Fie Ro OCT 31, 01:35 PM
Selling parts is not high on the list right now, I want to finish the body+interior first before seriously thinking about selling kits. There are always changes before it is finished. I might want to outsource any serious production because I want quality products and service before promising anything...

I DO think about making every part compatible with the stock fiero mountings and lines though. And this fiero is still my daily driver so being able to mockup and replace parts and panels fast is important too. Thats why I build the dash in several sections, the mockups can be removed within a minute.

TwoTimer OCT 31, 07:41 PM
Just wanted to say all of your work on your car has been great. I cant wait to see a couple coats of paint on that thing. A +


datacop OCT 31, 08:09 PM
Still wish you would angle the center gauges towards the driver.. about 15 degrees would be sharp IMHO.
Fie Ro NOV 01, 05:47 AM
I will keep the gauge housing at a straight angle BUT I might angle the gauges themselves in the housing.....These mockup pipes are 80mm diameter and the gauges will be 52mm so theres some room to play with the angle when I get to it. I havent decided yet, I will do that after trying out and see what works/looks best....
Fiero Finale NOV 01, 06:15 AM
Well if you want the guage housing straight still. Then I would have the guages angled themself like you said, and w/e angle you have the guages themself, also trip the actual guage housing that much too. If you get what I mean..Either way good work Fie Ro.
Sharkman NOV 01, 06:18 AM
Nice work.
Fie Ro NOV 03, 02:15 PM
I have searched for quite some time but it looks I have found someone who sells a set of Audi TT vents.

He has only 3 of them so now I am going to use only 2 ! this forces me to stay really close to the concept in a funny way (square middle vents in the 3D model)\
Theres slow progress on the mockup these days but I hope to post some updates soon.