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wftb NOV 16, 10:44 PM
hopefully this wont be the shortest thread ever as this is an attempt to get pip to work for me and to document an ecotec swap.i am the owner of the second running ecotec fiero and i hope to do a picture by picture buildup on this here goes : (edit) i thought i would add a bit to the start of this thread for the people that have not been here before .i think a lot of people get the impression that this car is a long term project that has not been on the road yet .it is a long running project but only in the sense that i am a traditional hot rodder who will never give up trying to improve my ride .but by the time i started this thread , the basic swap was completed and i was driving the car .so there is a lot of back tracking .i am going to start editing the thread to clean it up and clarify things .i hope to add a list of all the mistakes i have made along the way (just engine swap , my life mistakes would take way too long) so that i can save any future ecotec swappers some time and aggravation .so enjoy the thread , you will note that i change mind and direction a lot , i always say if you dont you wont see the cliff coming.......

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wftb NOV 16, 10:49 PM
A list of what is in this thread :
Overview of initial 2.2 ecotec engine swap
Turbocharging the original engine with a 16G mitsu turbo
Willwood brake calipers and front suspension mods
New 2.2 engine ( there was nothing wrong with the old engine- I messed it up trying to make the changes to it in the car) with wiseco pistons and eagle rods and 20G mitsu turbo (Hahn Racecraft) and new intake and charge and exhaust piping
Various mods and add ons like water meth injection and HP tuners , air to water intercooler etc
Building an SLA custom by me rear suspension , another new exhaust , intake and charge setup
Tuning tuning and more tuning. If you are going to do a 2.2 ecotec swap I recommend a 2010 or newer engine and operating system. Older OS like mine have a lot of drawbacks, the main one being there is only a map sensor and no MAF.
Thread is long and I dont have the time to give it a proper index yet (maybe when I retire) and it needs editing (again , maybe when I retire) .

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wftb NOV 16, 10:51 PM
trying again
Dodgerunner NOV 16, 10:53 PM
Just a tip. is a lot easier to manage the pictures. Many are posting the pics from there on the forum. The size restriction is a little simpler also.
Plus you can group them in different folder by topic.
wftb NOV 16, 10:55 PM
now we are getting somewhere.this is my modified dogbone that attatches to the bottom of the ecotec .the actual moter mount is near the top of the i will try from the beginning.
wftb NOV 16, 11:49 PM
more pictures
wftb NOV 16, 11:51 PM
wftb NOV 16, 11:54 PM
the above picture is of test fitting the engine and transaxle to my 86 gt .the assembly is supported on the dolly from under the dolly with 2 x4's .made it easy to move around.
wftb NOV 16, 11:59 PM
this is my upper engine mount.all the cavalier mounts were used by adding metal mounts to the fiero cradle.the ecotec has no noticeable vibration from idle to full throttle so i did not bother with poly mounts .

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wftb NOV 17, 12:04 AM
this is the drivers side front transaxle mount