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FastIndyFiero SEP 27, 06:50 PM
Yeah, I'm finally getting around to starting my build thread. Wit the completion of my short block closing in, I decided it's time to give PFF a good over-all view of where I'm going with this. Rather than one overwhelming first post, I'll be posting info and pics in easier to handle chunks.

The start was simple enough, a FS advertisement two and a half years ago in the classifieds of the Wichita newspaper. At the time, I couldn't tell you what a Fiero looked like, but it's name popped out in my head for one reason or another. I went to look at it, and, (much like it is now) it was in rough shape. The interior wasn't in great shape (still isn't), the seats are torn badly in places.

The engine? Well, it didn't even look this good:

That intake is how I came to be involved with the Super Duty 4 cyl. Research trying to find out where it came from led in to more study about the entire Super Duty program.

About one year ago, I discovered that the head on the modified Iron Duke posted above was cracked. I then planned to replace it with either a new SD4 head, or swap in a 3.9, Northstar, or 3800SC. In about November I also discovered that my block was bad, so the engine came out for the last time, last looking like this:

Next post, the start of the SD4.

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bryson SEP 27, 09:14 PM
Looks good -- keep it coming!

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DPWood SEP 29, 09:01 AM
Definitly keep this coming.


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Kento SEP 29, 10:10 AM
COOL little x's

Might want to find a different host for the pictures.
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Originally posted by Kento:

COOL little x's

must be on your end - they all work for me

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Originally posted by Kohburn:

must be on your end - they all work for me

Could be, Jeane may be playing hell on the internet in this area still even though she is gone.

TaurusThug SEP 29, 02:08 PM
what about the rest of the story???

btw the pics worked fine for me.. i think they are racist against people who gloat about it being nice and warm in the winter

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Kento SEP 29, 02:19 PM

Originally posted by TaurusThug:

what about the rest of the story???

btw the pics worked fine for me.. i think they are racist against people who gloat about it being nice and warm in the winter

Yes, but we have been drowning and in the dark lately.

FastIndyFiero SEP 29, 03:23 PM
Rest of the story? That was it...

Okay, before I go into the details of my SD build I'll point out a couple pictures of weak areas on the stock Iron Duke, for those curious. I personally have no love for the Iron Duke, but the Super Duty is a different case.

First off, the block itself:

It has thin main bulkheads, at about .3-.4" in most places.

It has thin block walls also:

That's a reading of about .290". For a main wall on a block? Yuck.

And that thing GM called a crank? Well, I don't have much to say about it other than it's a POS.

HAD to go.

FastIndyFiero SEP 29, 03:46 PM
This images is larger than 100K. Click to view.

Erm, no thanks, I'll take my chances with some SBC rods.

If I had a picture of my old ported head I would point out that it had like a .25" crack in it. I would also point out that it isn't good from a performance standpoint. You say, "Nate, why all the negativity about the Duke?". Bottom line, it's not a performance engine, or really even upgradable to any kind of acceptable performance.

Anyway, moving on, past the Iron Duke:

That's the starting point for everything to come, a Pontiac Super Duty block. Obviously, it's not so hard to tell if you have one. If you're not sure, you probably don't, beings as how they never came off of the production line in any vehicle.

As you can see, everything that bears a load is reinforced with extra thickness. There are even two extra bearing journals for the camshaft. Installed are Torrington roller needle bearings.