The Miura project begins (Page 1/84)
Archie DEC 08, 07:13 AM
Some of you may recall the Miura project we were getting ready to start on my What's Up At Archie's thread.

Well here it begins.

We got this body in a few weeks ago to build for a customer who also monitors this forum.

This will be a long term project & we'll keep you up to speed as we go.

Here is a link to what was posted in the other thread

Here is what the donor car looked like Friday morning.....

By the end of the day, it looked like this


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Chris Hodson DEC 08, 07:47 AM
This is going to be good!
Doc John DEC 08, 09:14 AM
What drivetrain is the new owner going with?
Archie DEC 08, 10:50 AM

Originally posted by Doc John:

What drivetrain is the new owner going with?

Right now the plan is for an LS1 6 speed.

Mr.PBody DEC 08, 10:59 AM
Sweet project, definately new. What rims are those? I love the look on the fastback.
WAWUZAT DEC 08, 06:47 PM
I wanna' watch this! The Lambo Miura was one of the prettiest cars ever built. The last I heard was Jay Leno has two of 'em. I'm going to guess that a frame stretch will be in order, but this stretch will probably be at the front end. Hmmm ... just reposition the front crossmember?
mnstrfiero DEC 08, 08:41 PM
the wheels that the fiero has are most likely "drag DR-14's" the DR-14 doesn't stang for 14" rims, that's just the style. i actually like the line of wheels that Drag carries. They can be purchased at

if you take the time, you can also see that in a wheel search with 5x100 being the bolt pattern, and 17", Drag has a lot of cost effective and attractive wheels. They even have a mesh gold with a polished lip (looks like the HP evo wheels). at only $105 a piece!

these might also be Axis wheels, but those are much more expensive, and axis also has several different widths of wheel to choose from much like FieroTaz's car (the wide body chop top, primer black).
midnightcarving DEC 08, 09:10 PM
the miura, to me at least is among the most beautifully styled cars ever produced. both aggressive and elegant.

its sexy.

i'll be watching this one closely.
PaulJK DEC 10, 10:31 PM
The body looks like it was molded for another car - maybe a VW ? To get that to fit, you're gonna have to be 1/2 designer, 1/2 engineer and 1/2 magician . You're gonna have people begging for kits of this one Archie (maybe me included) .... BIG thanks for the thread .....

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exoticse DEC 11, 02:25 AM

Archie check your PM.