86 gt 2.8 overheating (sometimes) and stalling (Page 1/1)
Fieroari APR 13, 02:55 PM
Hey everyone, new here thought id join and see if anyone has any ideas whats going on with my fiero. So before i put the car away this past winter it started to stall and noticed it overheating and when i got out it was puking from the overflow, took it to the mechanic and they found the rad cap wasnt holding pressure so they replaced it as well as a new alternator and battery. Got it out of storage this week and have driven it here and there, the other night had it out for awhile and it was fine, fan kicking on and temp going down staying normal etc, then i got out of it and let it idle for maybe 5 mins got back in and reversed it and it stalled, got it started drove down the road and as i was braking for a light as it was downshifting it started chugging and it stalled out, managed to get it started but it kept stalling everytime putting it in drive, checked the temp ( mechanical gauge in the trunk) and it was at 240, so i shut it off and let it cool until it got down to 200, started it and ended up making it home 10 mins away, shut it off checked the temp again and it was at 190 and it drove fine, im at a loss of what it could be, btw i drove it around town today and so far its stayed around 200 degrees and running fine.
Patrick APR 13, 04:38 PM

Overheating and stalling are probably two separate issues. In regards to stalling, have you looked at This?
jelly2m8 APR 14, 04:27 AM
Take the thermostat out and put the thermostat housing cap back on and drive it around as normal and get back to us how it is then.

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