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labbe001 FEB 08, 07:54 PM
Hi all
Ive not been very active on the forum for prob almost 10 years. However, I seem to recall years ago there being a write up about someone doing an install for the AusFiero Stage 2 side scoops. In the post, seems like I recall the installer mounting some tabs onto the scoops and the using rivets as well as an adhesive yo attach then to the doors. It had pictures of the door prep and all the steps beginning to end of the install. It was a very good write up. I’m reaching out to see if this rings a bell to anyone and can direct me to the post. I’ve been searching off and on for about 3 days and cannot find it anywhere. I thought maybe it was something posted by Yellowstone and have reached out to him…waiting on response. Any help I could get finding that write up would be greatly appreciated. For some reason I never saved it to my favorites.