Optimal Suspension for Comfort & Handling (Page 4/4)
armos FEB 13, 02:14 AM
I have Monroes in the back of my 86GT auto (so it probably has the heaviest ass of any Fiero).
I don't like how the rear bounces a bit (overshoots once on rebound) when going over bumps, but I don't know how old those Monroes are. They predate my 2010 ownership.
I have KYB in the front, they're fine, but they did lift the nose some vs the factory shocks.
I think my 84SE (which had the WS6 code) handled better, not sure how much of that is due to weight and how much due to condition of the suspension. After moving away from the hills though, I don't notice the car's limitations much anymore.

I'm not a suspension expert, but I suspect one advantage of strengthening the front bar with zero-lash+poly is that it would help encourage the car to understeer at lighter cornering loads (since the bar will start working sooner). This should mean it's more likely to understeer in the rain. This is usually safer, especially for an inexperienced driver, and it doesn't look quite as bad to the cops if they see it happen.

I don't know if poly in the rear control arms would shift the handling balance closer to oversteer, but if so, then countering with this mod to the front bar might be a good idea.