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fliphone DEC 29, 11:58 PM
So I went for the first test drive and immediately realized the brakes were absent. So a little yank of the E-Brake (good thing I decided to hook it up ) and a slow drive back to the house. Found out that I built the calipers wrong (pass side on driver and vise versa) and the bleed port is on the bottom of the caliper so when I bleed it it was just dumping whatever fluid going in strait back out. So there goes a couple more hours tomorrow and it should be completely derivable. I would do it tonight but I've been staying up until 2 for the past few nights trying to get the car all back together and I feel like the living dead :sleep:

Have the wheels off for the brakes and still need to toss on the front bumper and hood but that should all be done by tomorrow night
fliphone JAN 01, 07:05 PM
Got up to the 150 mile mark today, did an oil change at 50 miles and it looked pretty much golden so at this time I don't believe this to be a NOS crate motor. The first vid is of a cold start (it sounds pretty dam similar to a small block ) and the second vid is heading down the hill at 80mph-ish. I think the gauges are a little off as to what the RPMs sound like and what the tac shows don't match up, as well as the temp seems to be reading low (it seems to constantly sit around "160" when warmed up). So I'll toss in another guage cluster and see if it's on that side of things.



All that leaves me with now is resembling the interior and installing the new Dickmen sending unit and upgraded fuel pump. Until then I don't want to really step on it encase it leans out and cooks a piston

Black 88 GT, a 19 year old here about 20 years to late
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fliphone JAN 06, 02:37 PM
Little bit of a small one, got a 2nd dogbone put into place. Admittedly this guy is almost as much for looks but adding another engine mount can't hurt anything right

Still trying to track down a backfire at idle, very very rough hot/warm starts, and almost dying coming to a stop but I've got a couple of ideas for solutions so I'll be addressing those next week when parts arrive.
fliphone JAN 13, 12:36 PM
I've gotten about 250 miles on the car so far, but last night threw me for a loop. I got the new Dickmen sending unit along with the much needed fuel pump in two nights ago, and last night decided to head with some friends. Right when I showed up my buddy in his MR2 had found a massive coolant leak, but one of us breaking down isn't too unusual. Ran to the Home Depot to snag a bolt and some coolant, and along with the help of a few passersby with a floor jack he was in a position to limp the car home.

But when I went to start the car to follow him home, it wouldn't start. Not like it would fire and die, it just wouldn't fire for 10 second periods at a time. And it sounded like only one cylinder would fire before going back to cranking. Got it started and limped it home, going to put up a more in depth help post a little later today to bounce some ideas off the community for some possible solutions

Black 88 GT, a 19 year old here about 20 years to late
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fliphone FEB 11, 12:56 PM
I Know it's been a minute but the work never stops! In the past month or so it's been a constant tinkering to get the car to run WELL as opposed to just running. The biggest piece of that puzzle has been getting a proper exhaust onto the car While I can't TIG i have a good friend who can, so a little design, an order for materials placed, and hours later he came up with this

It's pretty much as simple as it looks, a flange goes into a flex joint, through some pie cuts into a T style Borla, then through two baby resonators then out through the tips. I've also been replacing sensors left and right trying to fix small problems here and there. Crank Position, TPS, Fuel Pressure Regulator, IAC, Ignition Module, Coil Packs, and a new 02 sensor. It seemed that every time I threw a new part at it it fixed one aspect but caused/brought out another. Today I sit and wait for the warranty IAC that should be here around noon as I pulled the last one out in pieces. But the engine bay is pretty much in its final form for now

I'm also pretty happy with how the ECU/Firewall turned out as I wanted it to be a bit of a stand out from stock. I think I showed the ECU holder in a previous post, but I didn't show the firewall connectors and their holding bracket. These guys allow me to pop off all the wires going into the engine bay in about 30 seconds flat and (I think at least ) looks pretty good.

We went overkill with the pinouts for future proofing sake, and plugged up the engine side pinouts (white specks) to avoid contamination. I now have a wideband hooked up as well, although it's a very ghetto job that I'll need to rework later It's nice to see the engine not leaning out in real time. But for now she's doing car things and starting (most the time ) and pulling like a freight train, and most importantly stopping.

Future plans include: Wheels, FieroGuru Lateral Link Relocation Kit, Big Break Kit, Tom's Digital Gauges, Harness Bar/Buckets, switch to a Standalone (got a microsquirt with the parts car), get a set of BraveTech GT LED Tails, try and make ITB's for the car, and last but not least make an oil cooler (got something pretty cool in mind for this guy ). But that all takes time and more importantly money, and I'm yet to win the lottery so it's going to be a long road but I think it's going to be a fun one none the less.

Black 88 GT, a 19 year old here about 20 years to late
- Running(?) LQ1 Swap-

fliphone MAR 08, 01:44 AM
First off, I totally apologize for the pictures today. They were taken from a longer video and I honestly could have taken better pics with a potato. BUT moving on from that, I finally finished up a week or so long project of installing a bar and fin style oil cooler. Now admittedly the location isn't perfect, but I have a slim fan that seems like it will be able to tuck under the cooler and get some real air flow. I really couldn't think of anywhere else to put it without it sticking out like a sore thumb or perpetually getting blasted under the car.

Apart from the mounting location there's nothing too noteworthy, sandwich plate, AN lines, and thermostat

I am happy with how I ended up mounting the cooler itself. I drilled and tapped into the old rivet locations to get some mounting points, had a buddy weld on some tabs, and tossed on some rubber washers for good luck. It actually seems pretty solid, but my biggest concern is the threads in the vent. Whatever aluminum GM went with on this one is not very confidence inspiring, granted it was never supposed to hold any weight but still

One little sidebar that I learned while doing this, is there's an advantage to having a more unique car when it comes to sponsorship. When I reached out to Mishimoto they claimed I was there first Fiero and actually gave me a pretty solid discount as a "partner" (slap a sticker somewhere on the car and give them a shoutout online). Defenetly something to keep in mind for the future...

Black 88 GT, a 19 year old here about 20 years to late
- Running(?) LQ1 Swap-

zkhennings MAR 08, 02:22 PM
Not sure about on a GT, but on a notchie those vents are made of magnesium, so be careful with any shavings from drilling and tapping.

Nice work!
mafv8 MAR 08, 04:59 PM
I have my engine oil cooler/fan in the same location, but I mounted mine to the body of the car via some homemade brackets. Very secure mounting, if you have issues with your current mounting, this may be worth investigating, dont have any pictures available at the moment, will be able to get some in late April if you need them.

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fliphone MAR 10, 07:40 PM
Thanks for the tips! It didn't even cross my mind that the vents could Magnesium lol. Well everything got a trial by fire this weekend, I drove down to LA to meet with Steven Snyder (5.5-6 hours each way) and back this weekend with no issues! I kinda see it as a pretty large milestone that I can now consider the car "Reliable" *Knock on wood*. Got to geek out on fieros for a while, take a spirited run on Angels Crest Hwy, and snagged some parts before heading home

fliphone APR 22, 10:59 PM
Little bit of a bump to keep the thread alive, have some big news coming shortly