Where to get an exhaust manifold? (Page 1/1)
SKJSS JAN 25, 08:35 PM
The manifold on my '86 GT just cracked on my way to work. Of course it's the one toward the front of the car. I'm taking it to the shop tomorrow to see if they can weld it. If they can't, what are my options? I didn't see a lot of stuff out there for the 2.8L. Can I get an OEM one somewhere, or anything halfway decent.
IMSA GT JAN 25, 10:03 PM
Unfortunately, used is the only real way to get these. West Coast Fiero offers new exhaust headers but they are about $700 and right now, they have a huge backlog on parts so you might wait up to 6 months or longer.
Patrick JAN 25, 11:05 PM

We just went through all this a couple of months ago... CRACKED EXHAUST MANIFOLD
SKJSS JAN 26, 06:23 AM
Thanks!!! If anyone has a spare manifold, please let me know. Going to see if mine can be repaired, but I'm not optimistic.
ZaraSpOOk JAN 27, 04:42 PM
considering the amount of money people want for them, and considering the Neanderthal design, they look like somebody in junior high school did it as a welding project, wouldn't investing in having a someone bend some pipes/cut and machine some and weld something together be a possibility?
has anyone done that?