F40 Input shaft bearing replacement (Page 1/1)
GTPCAR JAN 24, 01:32 AM
Has anyone replaced the bearings on the input shaft of an F40 trans ( in my case, Saab 9-3 ) and can provide pt. #s? I believe the front bearing is GM # 12787432 ( 30mm ID x 55mm OD ) available from GM, and RockAuto. I can't find any info on the rear bearing but I estimate 35mm ID and 60mm OD. Would prefer to have new bearings in hand before pulling the originals.
Will JAN 24, 04:31 PM
I assume you've taken some steps to diagnose the input shaft bearing?

Part marks from the bearing manufacturer (SKF, Timken, FAG, etc) should be visible somewhere on the bearing, although that may be hidden as installed in the transmission.

Expect that you'll get replacement bearings from outside of GM's supply chain.

However, you may want to work within GM's supply chain to obtain examples of bearings in order to find them outside GM's supply chain.

Internal part numbers from F40's are notoriously hard to find, and even GM may not have published all of them. It's a weird phenomenon. They do NOT like servicing the transmission and would rather replace it.

Please post part marks and pics when you get into it.
GTPCAR JAN 30, 02:03 AM
Original input shaft bearings: Front - KOYO 32006JR 30x55x17mm available from ebay, Amazon, etc. Also available from rockauto as ACDelco 12787432
Rear - KOYO 32007JR 35x62x18mm available from ebay, Amazon, etc.

Original differential bearings ( 2 ): Timken NP106970 50x80x20mm rockauto has equivalent ( NTN, National ) 32010X
Will FEB 01, 09:38 AM