Rusted out upper frame rail repair suggestions (Page 2/2)
A_Lonely_Potato JAN 25, 10:59 AM

Originally posted by reinhart:

If you're getting certified in welding, then just look at this like practice.

The rust doesn't look *too* bad.

That's what I was thinking, it doesn't seem like a new rail is needed. I just wasn't sure if my idea would be strong enough, so i figured id ask on here if anyone knows for sure

I figured with it being pretty thin metal on the rail, what I put in would be plenty stiff to keep from bending. Looks like about 1/16" steel, and I was planning to use 1/8"
olejoedad JAN 25, 11:22 AM
Don't get the upper frame rails too stiff.
The space frame is stamped, shaped, spot welded as a laminate in certain areas specifically to crush in an impact to protect the passenger cocoon.
The upper frame rails do not need to be that heavy, as there is not much weight being supported - the construction geometry provides the rigidity that is needed.

You don't want to get speared by an upper frame rail in a rear end collision.

I've replaced the rusted areas on several Fieros over the years, and continue to be amazed at the engineering of the space frame.