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jasper JAN 18, 05:55 PM
About to pick up a 2006 Grand Prix GT (SC series 3 motor) with 100k original on the clock. Its in a running car that I will use for a while before doing my swap. I want to start to upgrade it while I'm using it in the GP, and am looking for opinions on doing these mods to this stock supercharged engine. I don't expect to do any engine work at this time, like porting or changing the cam unless these mods are foolish to do for short term use of the existing car. So these are the mods:
1. Change the SC pully
2. Put on a Northstar throttle body
3. Put on a set of powerlogs.
4. Have the ECM reprogrammed.

So the questions I have are the following:

1. What would be a rough estimate of HP change/Torque change.
2. Can the Northstar be converted to a throttle cable from a drive by wire setup when I put it in the fiero
3. Does fuel pressure need to be increased, over the stock pump and if so, by how much.

Any other opinions/info that may contribute to the overall upgrade of this motor while it is in use in the current car would be appreciated. Also any other modifications that are absolutely necessary before the trransplant would also be appreciated. The trans in the fiero will be manual, so I realize there will be mods associated with that when the time comes.

Dennis LaGrua JAN 18, 06:47 PM
You intend to modify an engine for more horsepower that has 100,000 miles on it? That may not be the best approach.
If you have a sound engine, putting on a N* throttle body will increase throttle response but it will require adjustment to MAF table and TPS table. If you use the larger 75 MM TB then the stock MAF will prove restrictive. You will also need to upgrade to a larger MAF sensor like the LS1. The only 3800 engines that you can operate drive by wire are the series III 2004 -2008 engines that have all the components for a synergistic operation. Those engines are hard to modify but you before you get going I would freshen up the long block.

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jasper JAN 25, 07:37 AM
Thanks Dennis........
Ferio85 JAN 28, 10:08 AM
Would it be easier to swap my 3.8 in my 85 ferio or build up the 2.8 in it. Is there any mods I have that do . Will the break booster bolt up to