Missing C&C T-top key replacement (Page 1/1)
DanMFiero88 NOV 22, 06:23 PM
Hi everyone,

Would any of you be able to provide some advice on replacing a missing C&C T-top key? I recently purchased an 88 Fiero with a C&C T-top (likely installed at the dealer). I have the code from the lock faces (same code on both, thankfully), but I've found it impossible to discover where I can get a replacement based on that code. I'm assuming the the CC at the start of the code stands for Cars & Concepts.

Thanks in advance!
Mike in Sydney NOV 22, 08:58 PM
There's a possibility that a locksmith may be able to help you. They may have something to be able to "decode" the key number or possibly remove the core and then make you a key based on the pins in the tumbler.

One other possibility is to find someone that has the same key number and get a copy made from their key. I could be wrong but can't believe that C&C installed unique keys in every C&C T-top installation.
DanMFiero88 NOV 23, 07:58 PM
Thank you! By jiggling the key a bit, I was able to open both locks!