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85fieroguy JUL 21, 11:07 PM
[b][/b] Here I go again. Summer fun with my 85 Fiero GT lost again ...starts up fine, runs good and the next day will not start. Tries to but doesn't seem to fire up. Last night, tried to start it with 10 cranks, seems to want to fire then chokes with a hell of a lot of exhaust smoke coming out.... Shows a 44 code per the manual which states a problem with MAP, Oxygen sensor, vacuum leak or ECM problem. Sensors seem ok, get fuel via Strader valve test....am perplexed. Any advice will be welcome, Had to have the Fiero towed a month ago to a shop with this problem, quess what ?..they could not find any problem it just started up always at the shop. Here I go again ???
theogre JUL 22, 09:15 AM
Clean/Fix all "grounds" on engine etc. Coat ends w/ silicone or brake grease. Not everything bolted/attach to engine is a true ground. Example See my Cave, Ground "Myth" notes

44 or 45 shouldn't keep engine not starting.
See pressure by pushing shrader means nothing. Need a gauge to read real pressure.
Pump or other parts maybe iffy not dead and get low pressure.

ICM and other Ignition parts maybe "dead."

ECM maybe "dead."
ECM often don't die outright but some part in it "breaks" or have crap solder joint = same.
Take out rear console.
Tap w/ fingers and see if seems to work.
Drive w/o console. ECM case is Heat Sink for many parts.
If either/both effect the problem, replace ECM and save PROM to use w/ new one.
See my Cave, ECM Heat

⚠️ Warning: Trying to Start many times can kill the starter etc.
Starter, Cables and Battery can overheat and die soon if not "bad" already.
If F-pump was replace... most use wrong hose in the tank. Need hose made for this job, SAE 30R10

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