4.9 alt Bracket on allante i take question (Page 2/2)
Spadesluck JUN 21, 11:28 PM

Originally posted by PAUL66:


Yeah between Radar and that other pic I found I am going to do the same. I will post some pics when done. How is you engine build coming? I suppose you are done with the build buy now. I was following you on FB before I dropped off of that platform because of my extreme dislike of the Zuck!


Motor is all built. Harness is done. F40 trans/clutch done and attached to the motor. All of this is sitting on an 88 cradle ready to go for the most part. But, it is all in storage because we just moved to Georgia. Waiting to close on a house out here before I can do anything car related.

I feel your pain with social media for sure. Going to build a website eventually and try to move to that for my business stuff.