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swing69 JUN 08, 10:54 PM
I have seen an image of a silver sticker and I have seen an image of a black C&C door jamb sticker (above the striker post, driver's side) to designate the T-Top install.

Can someone post a picture of what sticker they have? Maybe RPO cars got a black sticker and non RPOs a silver (if done at C&C?)

I don't know for sure. My 88 RPO t-top car has no sticker. I'd like to get one made, but don't have a good image of one...AND don't know if the black or silver is correct. anyone??

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hnthomps JUN 09, 10:48 AM
My 87 has a silver sticker on it and obviously was not a factory install item.

swing69 JUN 10, 10:14 PM
SO; The silver is an install sticker for non-C&C installed T-tops. The Black sticker for C&C installed, on the 88 MERAS.

Anyone making the Black sticker?