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swing69 JUN 08, 10:49 AM
I wanted to buy calipers, pay the core, and get the refund when the cores were turned in. Front were not a problem....the rear were, sort of. They did have a RR, but didn't have a LR.

I finally bought a core LR and sent it to them to be rebuilt. Once I received it back......I installed all 4 calipers at the same time. I then returned the LF, RF, RR cores and sold them my LR outright.

I don't understand hording cores, unless you have several 88s, you want to corner the market on cores, or you just like having a spare set. I figure; Once I install 4 good calipers....I'm set for the next 30 yrs, and at that point, I'll be long gone....
theogre JUN 08, 01:26 PM
1. Many buy parts online and find shipping cores can cost same or more then core charge.
2. Many buy and simply don't bother even to return cores locally.
3. Many old parts sold no longer want a core because many don't want to rebuild them. IOW they're "On Clearance" by maker/rebuilder or a 3rd party that bought the inventory.

You think brakes will work for 30 years? Not likely. Be luck if last 10 years.
Brake calipers can have problems for many reasons as normal. More so if parts are installed poorly or wrong. Rear brakes for Fiero and others w/ same setup have more problems.
Even w/ "Recall Pistons" that GM made have same problems... (You can't get them now.)
I know this because have "Recall Pistons" installed years ago during brake restore... And Failed Inspection this year. Drove around the DMV to a safe area, Pulled P-brake lever and release and push pedal hard a few times, then Retest and Passed.

Still have issues because can pull the P-brake lever to the max now.
I think 1 cal is still stuck and have too much pad clearance. Yet doesn't have low pedal problem often goes w/ that.
Maybe the cables stretched a bit too.
Too hot to bother right now.

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Patrick JUN 08, 02:26 PM

Originally posted by theogre:

Many buy parts online and find shipping cores can cost same or more then core charge.

For sure. Just recently I bought a remanufactured 105 Amp ACDelco alternator for my Formula. Even with shipping from the States to Canada, the total price from RockAuto was great. The core charge was just $5. Believe me, it would've cost a heckuva lot more than five bucks to ship my dead alternator from Canada back to RockAuto in the States. So yeah, I'm "hording" cores.

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fieroguru JUN 08, 06:04 PM
I have been an 88 only guy for 15+ years and during that time I have purchased several (maybe 5) 88 parts cars just to create a spare parts stash of the many 88 specific parts. During that same time I have also put 150K+ miles on various 88 fieros using them as 3 season daily drivers, as well a beating on them with 3+ times the stock HP. My ongoing maintenance needs are much different than someone who puts 500 miles a year on their 88, so I have always planned accordingly.

I don't normally sell items from my parts stash, but some of my very best customers have talked me out of some parts they really needed over the years.
Notorio JUN 09, 12:04 AM

Originally posted by fieroguru:


I don't normally sell items from my parts stash, but some of my very best customers have talked me out of some parts they really needed over the years.

Hot diggity dog! Thanks for letting us know.
Dennis LaGrua JUN 09, 01:48 AM
The bottom line is to save your cores. Few shops are rebuilding them right now and in a few years Fiero brake calipers may no longer be available. Even the slim existing supply, possibly having been rebuilt too many times is now suspect. Brake caliper swaps may be required in the future. Maybe Wilwood has a direct bolt in unit.

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thesameguy JUN 10, 12:04 AM
I am going to pursue that. I have the hub off the car and Wilwood is only a few hours away. Maybe I can get something together before I have to put the hub back on the car.
Wichita JUN 10, 12:24 AM
I just purchases some rear rebuilt calipers online from a national retailer, received them the next day, brought the cores back the day to a local retail store the same day without any issues.

Though it was for the 84-87 calipers.

I did check other retailers. NAPA has the Total Eclipse series that are supposedly has a special coating on them, they didn't have one side of the rear calipers in stock and their core charge was well over $100 per caliper.

The calipers I did buy had a $35 core charge, and were $55 a piece.

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thesameguy JUN 10, 01:10 PM
Earlier calipers aren't a problem...'88s are the issue. They are very expensive and increasingly hard to find.
swing69 JUN 10, 01:59 PM
GM has other models that use the ebrake/piston set up. Y the hey are popular with old drum to disk conversions on street rods. I bet an adapter mount would be all it takes to mount them to a Fiero