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theogre APR 07, 07:22 PM
Prestone, PEAK, and likely others recently claim many Coolants are now rated at 10 years or 300,000 miles.
Not sure when this started but likely only Months, not a year or three. Was at Prestone site last summer or fall and not available then.


300,000 miles? Doubt many believe that and most brands can avoid that by claiming old coolant cause whatever problem.
10 years? Warranty? Same issue as X miles.
But if you Properly Flush then fill w/ these products then likely will last a much longer time before additives wear out vs 3 or 5 year coolant.
(See my Cave, Coolant Fill)

I believe many have problems w/ EPA and Car Makers for many reasons. Some guesses:
EPA likely wants to reduce coolant waste but can't find specific rules changes.
Many new cars have radiator and heater core are not made of simple tubes. (Similar to many new AC systems w/ mirco-channel condensers and evaporators.)
Coolant flows thru many battery packs for full E-cars and Hybrids and often the packs have small "tubes" too.

Note: Peak SIERRA and other Propylene Glycol Coolant seem to Not have change the formulas like above.

Other then Pep Boys and Walmart, does anyone take Coolant?
While is a HAZMAT, most states etc Do Not take Coolant at Home HAZMAT drop-off events and so on.

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Spoon APR 07, 08:09 PM
Prestone, PEAK, and likely others recently claim many Coolants are now rated at 10 years or 300,000 miles.

Sounds like more BS. After reading the fine print right after the (*)

*Lifetime Protection: 10+ years/300,000+ miles lifetime guarantee when a complete cooling system flush and fill is performed and proper cooling system maintenance is followed. Always follow vehicle owner’s manual for top off requirements, change intervals and specified maintenance.

The 10+ years/300,000+miles can never be reached if you follow the owners manual for top off requirements, change intervals, yada yada. Of course unless the product is transferable from 1 vehicle to the next to accumulate the 10+ years and 300,000+ miles.

I've got to be missing something here, right?

While I'm on a roll I stopped at Napa today to pick up some brake grease that you (theogre) recently recommended. They had a bucket sale for $2.99 and what ever you could stuff in the bucket you get 20% off. So I stacked 2 more buckets in the one I initially picked up.
Needless to say they wouldn't honor the gesture and made up some excuse about the computer would no ring up the additional buckets at the 20% off deal. Always an angle......


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