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cmd88 APR 07, 11:19 AM
Coolant tube has a dent from careless jack point. . Car is still running at normal temp. Should I be concerned? What are symptoms of restricted flow?


theogre APR 07, 11:49 AM
Restricted flow for any reason is same, engine runs hot or worse.

Temp Gauge on dash often lies, scan ECM for temp, check T-stat tube w/ IR or other temp meter, etc, before doing any work.

If coolant pipes under car is bent even a little you have Crushed Pipe.
Remove/loosen support hardware to look at rear of pipes at minimum.
Many Fiero have broken rocker panels and body damage too because morons jack the car wrong.

Beyond that, most T-stant can make big temp swings more so at idle or low speeds.
Replace T-stant w/ Stant superstant. Even tho may look same as others, is not and stops wide temp swings.

See my Cave, Thermostat and most of rest of section.

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