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ReeseD APR 05, 06:22 PM
The radio in my 1986 fiero has been giving me issues since i bought it. When i press the power button the speakers make a thumping sound then sometimes a buzzing noise. All the lights in the center dash work except the clock display. Ive yet to try anything because i dont really know where to start. Any advice would be great thanks.

Reese Douglas

Notorio APR 05, 08:14 PM
Welcome to the forum. In this case my advice would be spend some time using the Search function for the active Technical Discussion & Questions forum. There will at least be some posts that cover the basics of how the sound system is put together, the parts, and connectors. There might even be a post with this particular problem already described.

Edit -- a good place to start is Ogre's Cave (see link at bottom of the page) and look at the Interior > Audio sub-section ...

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Alibi APR 07, 08:21 PM
Ronald Finger on Youtube has a GREAT Fiero restoration series. Its worth watching the whole thing but he has a video just for restoring his radio. Here's the link:

I also need to rebuild a dead radio. I suspect most issues to be simple, just a matter of finding them:

-deteriorated rubber cassette belt - replace, apparently there is a pack of multiple lengths available on Amazon
-bad/broken solder joints - reflow with flux and an iron
-replace bad capacitors (electrolytic caps tend to start to go out of tolerance in 10-20 years and will sometimes bulge, replace all the bulged ones and go from there)

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