1984 Muncie Speed Sensor Oring Dimensions (Page 1/1)
cashmgr MAR 30, 11:35 AM
Hi Guys,

My apologies if this has been asked and answered already - I searched all forums and could not find an answer. I have a 1984 Fiero with the econo 4 speed Muncie. Went to change the fluid and when I pulled the sensor from the top of the tranny the oring, which is probably original, tore in half. I have not had any luck finding a hardware store replacement. Does anyone know the dimensions of the oring and where I may be able to get one?

Spoon APR 07, 08:49 PM
I can't answer that without a bunch of searching but if you would like to swap that old econo-tranny for a 86 M17 in good condition I'm willing to trade even up. I 'd even help you pull-it out of your 84 in record time. This terrific offer expires real soon so let me know!!! You are 5 hrs away.


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cashmgr APR 08, 09:31 AM
Hi Spoon,

Thanks for the offer but going to hang on to my current Muncie. Turns nice low revs at highway speed. Only 7k made for the Fieros, as you probably know.

fierofool APR 08, 06:42 PM
If you can't locate one, you can make your own O-ring. If you identify the diameter, you can buy a roll of vitron or locate a business that deals with irrigation equipment, like lawn sprinklers, golf course systems, and the like. I serviced golf course pumping stations and carried rolls of various sizes in my van. Wrap the material around the VSS, cut the two junctures at a 45 degree angle, and glue them together with super glue.
marc-alan APR 08, 07:56 PM
I have my cradle out for a DOHC swap. I have a 4 speed transmission. I went to pull off the sensor to see what type of O-Ring I had, and there was none. I have no idea how many miles this car has gone without an O-Ring.

I have both metric and SAE O-Ring kits. It looks like its an SAE R-23. I test fit it into mine just now.

R-23 or AS 568 217

1 - 3/16 ID
1 - 7/16 OD

hope this helps

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cashmgr APR 09, 11:15 AM
Thanks my friends for the helpful input.

I found a set of 10 AS568 217 rings on Amazon for $8.04 free ship. I dont need 10 of course but maybe someone else on the forum needs one.

Thanks again and happy summer motoring!!