Holley 1100 Sniper for iron duke (Page 1/4)
snyderman SEP 04, 09:59 PM
Hey Is anyone considering this?


It would bypass all the old engine electronics.

P.S. I'm not changing the engine. So don't bother trying to take me in that direction Thx.
pmbrunelle SEP 04, 10:27 PM
Do you not want to simply install an aftermarket ECU in the place of the stock computer? This could require very little wiring work... essentially cutting off the stock ECM's connector, and terminating the wires with the correct connector for your choice of aftermarket ECU.

I think it's possible to install a bigger injector in the stock TBI.
Dennis LaGrua SEP 05, 09:27 AM
There are many versions of the Iron Duke some putting out 110 HP but IIRC that was a higher compression version. Spending $750 on a new TBI unit that may prove to have a minimal increase in power may end up being a big expense for very little.
I have not studied the evolution of these engines very well but in the junk yards you may find later Duke engines with a larger throttle body and a less restrictive intake. These may or may not bolt up (depending on your model year) so some research is required. IMO, that would be the more cost effective solution for a bit more horsepower.

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snyderman SEP 05, 11:36 AM
Thanks for the ideas but I'm running the notorious '84. I don't know of many aftermarket ecu or wiring harnesses I can replace the stock with. I've spent over twice that amount $$ for the sniper in trying to diagnose and fix a longtime issue with idling with both my stock TBI and with my Holley 3739 I have on it now. Just thought it may be the time to take another path to resolving an issue that has plagued me for a very long time. I know it's a good engine cause I had the upper half rebuilt 4 years ago. The sniper lets me replace all the old with new. I'm thinking of doing at when I drop the cradle to refresh the engine bay this winter.

FieroWannaBe SEP 08, 02:00 PM
I would assume you have switched to HEI ignition, does the sniper EFI have an ignition command?
snyderman SEP 08, 05:35 PM
No plans to change to HEI as I understand my distributor is already good for EFI. Yes the sniper has am ignition command. Check it out here.


RWDPLZ SEP 08, 07:46 PM
It may slightly improve fuel mileage and drive-ability, but I wouldn't spend $750 to upgrade EFI to EFI.
pmbrunelle SEP 08, 08:03 PM

Originally posted by snyderman:
I don't know of many aftermarket ecu or wiring harnesses I can replace the stock with.

MegaSquirt, Haltech, AEM and that sort of thing come to mind. I'd expect that they would work with the stock HEI distributor, and the stock TBI unit.

The stock Iron Duke is pretty simple to control; I think that pretty much any aftermarket computer would have the required number of inputs/outputs to run a stock Iron Duke.

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snyderman SEP 08, 09:26 PM
Interesting. I'll look into them. Thanks
pmbrunelle SEP 08, 10:09 PM
More specifically, I can recommend a MegaSquirt 2:

I used this on a stock 2.8 V6, which is quite similar to the Iron Duke (stepper IAC, TPS, temp sensors, distributor, etc).

Keep in mind that any sort of non-stock computer will require tuning on your part... the car will drive worse, before it gets better.

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