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lou_dias JAN 31, 09:47 PM

Originally posted by 82-T/A [At Work]:
Wow! I just noticed this. Your passenger side driveshaft has some sort of support bracket with bearing... rather than I guess what the other Fieros have, which is an absurdly long driveshaft which can probably get somewhat easily unbalanced. This is pretty cool... was this custom, or is it specific to the transmission you're using?

It's part of using the F-40 6-speed. Get a kit from Archie!
lou_dias FEB 08, 11:11 PM
More progress... Headers and valve covers mocked up in place... Lots of work was done to clean up the wiring harness.

Need to use studs in place of some intake bolts since they don't clear the tubes...

Laughing at trolls who ask me to post 1/4 times when I built on oval track car.
Also laughing at trolls who take 20 years to do a swap...

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lou_dias FEB 09, 06:05 PM
An earlier mockup

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La fiera FEB 09, 07:59 PM

Originally posted by lou_dias:

An earlier mockup

82-T/A [At Work] FEB 17, 01:17 PM

Originally posted by lou_dias:

Couldn't launch the car on Saturday.

You can see my nose bounce on both launches. I think I under-revved the launch... My tach has been inaccurate for years.

That was a great race against the 95 Firebird (Firehawk maybe?).

Also... loved the race with the AMG Mercedes 550S and the 98-02 Camaro SS. The Mercedes owner was being so arrogant, and kind of a douche too... and he totally got his ass handed to him.
lou_dias FEB 24, 06:49 PM
First start!


Apparently at the end of this video the motor stalled due to flooding...which caused many days of harness fixing...

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La fiera FEB 24, 10:45 PM
It sounds good! Its just asking for more fuel and timing!!
lou_dias MAR 19, 07:04 PM
After fixing a fark-ton of wiring issues from the installer and even an incorrect thermostat...with still more things to go...

It's alive!!!!

Currently still running the '7730 A1 ... Once I get it fully stable, I will try switching to the nA1$T code since it offers more tuning options on the top end. The A1 code doesn't control timing well after 4800 and typically doesn't do much else after 6400... If that fails I may switch to a Holley ECU or some other popular system.

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La fiera MAR 20, 10:24 AM
Sounds very choppy!
lou_dias MAR 20, 11:40 AM
They rewired my fuel pump rather than diagnosing whatever issue they now I have a fuse in the engine compartment that when removed disables my fuel pump.
Cut the fuel pump hot-wire at the aldl port..
My oil pressure gauge pegs and stays there so I need to see if it should get 12v or 5v and look into that...

...but at least the engine isn't flooding anymore to the point of hydro-locking. We stuck a camera done a spark plug hole and would see the cylinders half-filled with raw fuel thanks to their crap "fixing" of my harness.

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