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Riceburner98 JUL 29, 09:45 PM
Lou! I guess this means you didn't make it to the spec drags? I didn't either (naturally), was hoping to hear of some Fieros kicking butt there.. The swap I bought has turned into a nightmare, It's basically "rip it out and start again". Everything that could be wrong is. I just hope the Getrag doesn't grenade on the first drive. It's a Spec clutch and supposedly rebuilt trans, but if it's like everything else has been it'll probably barf at the first stoplight. At the rate I'm going, I won't be at Seekonk until 2008. Ugh.

Bob Williams
Working on the next 3800 swap.. Missing the working one already!

Joseph Upson JUL 29, 10:13 PM

Originally posted by lou_dias:

Well, it's too late for me there. However, what's a reasonable price? I've seen camshafts go for $300 and $400 with no published specs... I did find one for $200 but the manufacturer never got back to me on specs... I want a street motor. Your cam defines that. 5200rpm peak if fine by me. Actually perfect.

I paid $127 for my cam regrind through Schneider racing cams. I told them what I wanted and gave them as many specs as I could round up.
My roller now provides .466 & .464 lift instead of the stock .423 and 212 & 208 duration. It's a turbo grind and since twin turbos will allow for a lot less back pressure there is more duration on intake than exhaust to help avoid the possibility of blowing the air fuel charge out the cylinder into the exhaust. They took care of it right away also.

I asked for a high rev grind and was told it should have a range of 2500-6500

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lou_dias JUL 31, 12:39 PM
@ Riceburner98

I was at the July 2nd show but only to check out the competition. I was not impressed. I expect nothing but victory for me.
Are you still working on the SC3800->getrag swap? Dyno it right away so you don't blow it up. If your a/f is off, you'll know right away.


Nice to see a place with a quick turn-around. Sounds like a good deal. I would have preferred more lift but I will be happy with this cam's peak hp point.


I'll try posting pics of the SPEC clutch and aluminum flywheel later today... I have some questions about the clutch...
Riceburner98 JUL 31, 11:41 PM
Yep, still working on it. With the way everything on this car is turning out, I have a feeling the flywheel wasn't balanced right and it's going to blow up. But I hope not. I'll at least have a scan tool running (one of those Aeroforce gauges and have the PC for more details) to check for knock retard. The only mod on the engine is a 3.4" pulley. Also has a Spec III clutch, with the correct center hub going by the pictures I saw. Hope to be done with it this year, and hope to run into you at the track!
lou_dias AUG 01, 12:34 PM
It's all up to the mechanic now. The engine has been there since Thursday, he's just got to schedule it in. I want to hit a dyno before I race so I know I'm not going too I hope it's ready by this Thursday...
lou_dias AUG 01, 04:07 PM

fidanza aluminum flywheel backside

slightly used clutch

how does the wear on the clutch look for an estimated 100 total miles between me and Archie's install?

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lou_dias AUG 04, 12:36 PM

The mechanic says the Fiero is going to be sitting in the shop when I get home... He wants me to install Darryl's aluminum bushings myself while he adds all the accessories to the engine.

There is hope I may still race this Sunday at Seekonk.

A small chance...but hope none the less...
Riceburner98 AUG 04, 06:35 PM
Damn... Moving this weekend, won't have a chance to come down and watch if you do make it... I've basically lost all hope of running there this year.
lou_dias AUG 04, 09:20 PM
Well, it doesn't look like it will be done, but Labor Day weekend is a definite.

I so f'ing pissed. He didn't load it into the bay until 5:30 this afternoon.
lou_dias AUG 05, 03:50 PM

When shortening the intake between the middle and upper a total of .6" like I did, the intake bolts will have to be threaded an extra 1/4" up the shaft of the bolt.

Yet another delay...

08/07/06 7:06pm - it only cost me $30 but could probably could have gotten away with 3 washers on each intake bolt.

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