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hnthomps JUL 10, 01:01 PM
I am looking for Mavic 823 rear wheel with a disc brake in a 26" size. I can live with most models of the 823 but it does need to be tubeless. Tires are not required because I am trying to assemble a spare set of wheels for "gravel" usage. My current tires are too fat for my liking (2.25") so my spare set will need narrower tires. Let me know what you have that might work for my application.

If anyone can help out with this search, I would be quite appreciative.

ray b JUN 13, 11:14 AM
cop bike sales/auctions

some times wrecked bikes are cheap with one good rim

or find a hub and swap the rim

most are 36 or 32 spoke rears 24 26 27 1/2 700 or 29 hubs

craigs list is big one bike parts locally

I need disk brake wheels a 26 and a 27 1/2 myself

btw I like a 1 1/2 tyre on a 2'' rim
my fisher is under 25 lbs for a 26'' alloy mtb