WTB/WTT Laser Discs and Associated Electronics in TN (Page 1/1)
LittleBigCar MAY 30, 01:20 PM
Like a lot of you, I'm not just a Fiero enthusiast.

I'm on a mission to have the best vintage Laser Disc collection in the great state of TN.  I'm pretty sure I've got Montgomery County licked but there is always more to accomplish.

If you have this format of media, players, or associated electronics, I'm interested.

Will trade for 2A items, other Laser Discs and vintage media, a pretty nice 2003 Grand Prix GTP, whatever.
Spoon JUN 22, 10:17 PM
Greetings, Never thought I'd see or hear those words (Laser Disc) again. I have a vintage Marantz System that includes a Marantz Multi Laser Disc LV510 player. Got it on Ebay when it was already unheard of much. I was able to scavenger up a few disc to see how good or bad my investment was. I only have 4 albums. Disney's Toy Story, Grease with John Travolta - Olivia Newton John , - Flirting with Disaster "Two Thumbs Up" & Schindler's List.

With the exception of Schindler's List I'd be willing to make some trades if interested. Sci-Fi & History are my interests.


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PaulJK AUG 05, 04:34 AM
I'll trade. I have a Pioneer Elite LD-S2 that's like new and laser discs - some that have been out of print like Chapter 2 (James Caan and Marcia Mason). You probably already know that this player was the best available at the time it was made - I paid almost $4k for it . I'll private message you my phone number if you're interested. By the way, I'm in Las Vegas on Pacific time which is probably 3 hours earlier than TN time.

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FieroG97J MAY 17, 12:17 PM
Does anyone crave automotive laser discs? I have quite a few including all the Fiero ones. I'm breaking up my lifetime Fiero literature collection including laser discs (and their player) VHS tapes, Beta tapes, 35mm slides and their projector, lots of dealer albums, Ad Planners, Showroom pictures, Advertising pics, etc.