Vehicle Lift (9000 pounds) (Page 1/1)
Notorio APR 06, 11:55 PM
This is NOT mine. Just noticed this for sale this evening while I was browsing Craigslist: located in Victorville, 2 post lift for $450. I thought someone in driving range with a trailer might want to scoop this up. You could lift a pile of 3 Fieros at one time if the spirit so moved you ...

Vehicle Lift

Notorio APR 12, 11:14 PM
Lift sold apparently as the posting was deleted by author ...
IMSA GT APR 13, 09:59 PM
It took me a while to study the picture because something looks different. That is an asymmetric lift which pushes 2/3 of the car in one direction. I think we would have an issue with the Fiero being mid engine on that lift. The weight wouldn't be distributed evenly and could be off-balance. If that was a standard straight-across lift, it would work.