Want a supercharged, mid-engined, rear-drive Toyota? 1996 Toyota Previa S/C for sale! (Page 1/1)
Fierology JUL 14, 05:14 PM
Hi. I'm selling my Previa. It's a sad day, but such things happen. It runs well. I'd trust it to take be across the country right now. I've driven it since I was 16 and though three kids. Good condition w/ a few minor bumps. See ad at ToyotaVanTech:

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Fierology JUL 14, 05:18 PM
Here's the lovely minivan:

IMSA GT JUL 14, 10:24 PM
Your link was broken


And I have to ask, does it have the famous "whistle" while going down the road?

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Fierology JUL 15, 12:46 PM
Thanks for fixing it!

Good question: it actually doesn't have the whistle/whine. I believe it's exhaust-related, so maybe it affected the 1-cat models more. This one came from the factory with the three-way cat. I only heard what I believe was the whistle for a short period of time in 2014.

The exhaust sound is surprisingly throaty.

Australian SEP 01, 07:39 AM
Throw away the backseat and get a blower. I have always liked these worked for Toyota when these were new always loved Taragos but these were best.