Professionally assembled 486 Gaming PC (Page 1/1)
yamaha94 AUG 10, 10:20 PM
Hello, I have a professionally assembled 486 Gaming PC for your retro video gaming pleasure:

Assembled in 2015


Brand New Case (all power and reset buttons work) - no usb functionality,
DVD/CD Drive
USB floppy emulator
CF hard drive setup (through reader at front)
24 MB of ram, expandable to 32
Overclocked and fan 166mhz 486
PCI and ISA compatable
PS2 (untested - do not have a mouse)
BUS mouse card and BUS mouse included
PS connector for keyboard (can include)
VGA output (8mb card) with VooDoo expansion card (for windows applications)
Soundblaster 16x soundcard ISA
ATX powersupply to AT adaptor (turns on and off from power supply)
OS - Dos 6, includes select menu and many many games ready to go!

This is a professionally put together build bymyself who is A+ certified computer instructor. This computer has been fantastic and works flawlessly.
Make a decent offer and its yours. Ships from canada. Send me a DM
ls3mach APR 28, 10:13 PM
I have to ask. Why?
Phosphor_Burn AUG 24, 01:58 AM

Originally posted by ls3mach:

I have to ask. Why?

Older computer games usually don't run correctly on newer machines, even with emulators like DOSBox. There really is no substitute for the original hardware if you want to play games from the '80s and '90s. Plus, owning and tinkering with retro computers is a whole hobby in itself!

I still own a 486 myself.

OP, I assume you've sold this computer by now. What did you end up getting for it?