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pontiackid86 JUN 03, 06:53 PM

Well since I'm posting again I guess it's only right I show my current daily grinders.... the boat is just a back yard toy
maryjane JUN 15, 04:51 PM
Where was the Jeep picture taken? It sure ain't Conroe/Kingwood area.
pontiackid86 JUN 16, 01:18 PM
Grand canyon actually... North rim
cvxjet JUN 16, 08:17 PM
North Rim Grand Canyon.....I've gone there twice....First time in 1988; Drove up to the entrance....looked at the rolling green meadow with thick forest, then at the Ranger, then at the sign ("Grand Canyon"), then back up at the ranger who then stated, "Yes, this is the Grand Canyon- we get that look all the time!" (Back in '69 I visited the south Rim which looks like what you expect of the GC (Very Desert-y)

Here is a pic of the road to the North Rim and what you see when AT the Rim.