LS4 EXHAUST (Page 1/1)
streetrod1 JAN 29, 08:45 PM
I'm curious about what people are doing for exhaust on ls4 swaps. What manifolds or headers are you running? I'm having a cradle built but they don't notch it for any exhaust. Will I have room to run one side over top. Its had me so concerned I have been looking at cheap pipe benders in hopes I can mock it up myself. I'm in a rural area and my exhaust man an hour and 20 minutes away does wonders. I hate the idea of hauling it there and then you still got bugs and tuning to work out so you haul it back. If I can figure out exhaust it will make this project much easier.
Knowledge is power so I am open to ideas and pictures too.
i'm running a carb and 6014 for timing.. so i may have a lil more room up top. GTO MANIFOLDS OR HEADERS?
I know headers are nice and pretty.. but if they are not long they truly do lil lol except leak. A good cast manifold and oem gasket is my ideal choice.
What about a turbo style manifold.
When I got my engine it was a low miles pull out from years has manifolds. but thats it..not the over top crossover i keep seeing.
Im kinda old school I would rather run two tiny mufflers than one big muffler..i was thinking maybe 2 cats just to muffle noise and no mufflers..we will see..I had a chris moore northstar car with just hipo cats and gt tips and it was loud but not super loud. I dug it lol.
Also on a side note will an LS2 timing cover work on curious.
RedlineRick MAR 10, 03:40 PM
yes you can do a crossover the top but you want to dump the factory rear manifold and use a passenger side truck manifold and would definitely cut the 3 bolt flanges off the manifolds and weld in vbands.