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streetrod1 JAN 18, 12:49 AM
saw the other cars topic and thought I would show mine a lil. One is a 33 coupe thats 2 years old.
The other is a 33 that will be done in may its blown apart at painters now. The 51 Plymouth is also mine it was my late dads it is 302 ford powered for now. I sure miss my dad he loved that car.
I also have a 24000 mi 2m4 that's not pictured. I just got it. Its getting an Ls4 im gathering parts now just got a 13000 mile engine gonna start on it in spring then in winter of 2021 do any cosmetic stuff im doing and in spring 2022 I can say "IT HAS ARRIVED" Its a great start and im very excited about it. I can honestly say after doing all the dern fabrication for the 33's that I think the Fiero project is gonna be much easier.

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cvxjet JAN 19, 12:05 PM
Some great looking cars- I really like the 33-34 Ford grills......the 1940s Chevy is similar to one my neighbor has had for......(Geeez) LEAST 28 years; It runs but sits on the street and the guy claims he is going to build it up but.....>>>L.A.Z.Y.<<<

I have done some mixing and matching of different Fiero body (And chassis) parts to create my own "Best looking Fiero" (But some Fiero enthusiasts get mad at me)
streetrod1 JAN 19, 10:01 PM
It's not a chevy but a 51 Plymouth I'm doing a fiero ks4 carb swap and I catch a hard time too lol so I understand lol.
cvxjet JAN 19, 11:00 PM
Rats! I thought that was 40s chevy (But that was before my time)

Here is a pic of my Fiero (I made the "B" pillars)

streetrod1 JAN 29, 08:21 PM
That looks so dern nice ...I like it a lot.
Blacktree JAN 29, 08:57 PM
Those are some nice hot rods!