Paint & body people: what can I do about this? (Page 1/1)
Cheever3000 JUN 22, 01:12 PM
I got too close to a post under my carport, and scuffed the side of our blue Escape with white paint from the post.
I tried to clean it up with rubbing compound, but that accomplished nothing.
These pics are how it looks right now. The close-up reflection is of grass & shrubs next to the driveway.
What else can I do that doesn't cost a ton of money? We intend to trade it in, because we found out it's full of rust underneath. Which must be why we got a good deal on it to begin with. I know, I should have checked it out, but we needed something in a hurry after someone ran a red light and totalled my wife's Civic.

Jake_Dragon JUN 22, 05:29 PM
Bug begone may loosen the paint and leave the paint on the car alone.
Cheever3000 JUN 26, 07:43 AM

Originally posted by Jake_Dragon:

Bug begone may loosen the paint and leave the paint on the car alone.

Thanks for the idea. I had some Gunk Bug & Tar Remover, so I tried that. But it didn't work.

CoolBlue87GT AUG 14, 07:21 PM
Drop by a detailer or paint shop, they can use a power buffer with a slight abrasive, then wax the area to clean up.

Shouldn't take a lot of time / money. I've seen some use acetone to remove paint scuffs.
Australian SEP 14, 04:55 AM
A cutting compound will do it in few mins don't use anything else don't scratch paint with paint plenty of videos how to do it..

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