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labbe001 FEB 20, 09:27 PM
So I was tooling around on my 87GT and saw something that struck me as odd. The passenger side rear strut tower seems to be missing the paint from the factory.
This is my 4th Fiero and I've never noticed this on any others. It seems odd b/c it doesn't appear to have been modified or paint seems to have been that way from original assembly. I know it doesn't necessarily matter, and there is no rust issue going on. Has anyone ever seen something similar to this or know why it wouldn't been this way from the factory?

fieroguru FEB 20, 09:57 PM
It is just weathered, I have seen several like that. You can see where the paint was under the oval washer. It likely spent a long time out side with one of the engine vents off.
1985 Fiero GT FEB 21, 02:05 AM
Isn't that where some of the insulation would have been, 40 years of dirt and exposure to the elements wears the paint down. I removed some of the insulation in that area on my Fiero and it was weathered like that, not as bad as that, but I just put some semi gloss black on and it's good as new.
labbe001 FEB 21, 08:36 AM
Ah that makes sense. I would think that the rest of the engine bay would look really ratty and weathered had it sat outside for an extended amount of time but it doesn't....but strange things can happen to a 35+ year old vehicle 🤣

I hit it with some satin spray paint....good as new now.

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theogre FEB 22, 09:59 AM
GT vents allow "water" & worse getting to that area.
Polluted water, bird crap, car wash items & other "cleaners," & more get on but unlike rest of car often sits for hours to forever.
Plus UV from sunlight that also "fade"/"rots" EVAP can & other things.

"Paint" in frame is Not Paint but stronger anti-rust protection. Like "Black Oxide" but don't think is same to that.

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