Insurance went way up due to info (Page 4/4)
1985 Fiero GT MAR 01, 03:07 PM
I have been with Aviva Canada the last year, and I recently got an email from Intact insurance saying welcome to the new policy. My broker said something about Intact buying out Aviva, but it would have been in excess of 60% more per year, because of the way Intact calculated premiums vs Aviva. Turns out Aviva is really good for young drivers and intact is really hard on them, so I just shopped around, and most companies are as bad as Intact, until I find RBC insurance, they are going to be substantially cheaper, the same price to insure my Fiero and beater car as Aviva was to just insure the beater, and roughly half the price of the new Intact garbage. Funny thing is, they were just going to quietly switch over the policies without telling me, you'd think that they would either incorporate me in the new company for my old price, or tell me that Aviva is (apparently) no more and that my next best choice is the new company, at the higher price. They shouldn't be able to just give all my info to a different company, with no authorisation to withdraw substantially more money from my account. Here's the kicker, RBC uses Aviva in some capacity, my thought is just to set the prices, then RBC takes over and runs the actual insurance.
edfiero MAR 04, 12:57 PM
I have never stuck with an insurance company for more than about 5 years. Every one of them seems to inch up their rates every year and soon I am paying double what I started with.

Switch to someone new and you'll likely see a reduction.

I have American Collectors Insurance for my Fiero and Buick Regal. You can get stated value coverage with them for very reasonable amounts. Similar to Hagarty.