Anyone know where I can find a GT Fiero bumper? (Page 1/1)
hillc0921 FEB 12, 11:21 AM
I bought an 86 GT and absolutely loved the community I've joined and been a part of. Been slowly restoring parts while also bringing it to the modern age with new brake systems and audio sets. LEDs included and tint. Only major damage to the car was from the previous owner who drove the front of the bumper in a curb or something, which dented it and made the paint peel off to the primer. It also cracked the right blinker housing but that's a 30 dollar fix off of the fierostore. (Thank God that website exists) But I'm trying to find a bumper I can repaint or preferably, not repaint and get the matching color. It's the gold with silver trim on the bottom. If anyone has anything near the southern Alabama area, please let me know!!

Dukesterpro FEB 12, 01:05 PM
I have a very nice white GT bumper for sale. The paint is cracking, but the bumper itself is in good shape. Just might be to far north for you (WI)
fierofool FEB 12, 07:19 PM
Contact Mike Valentine at The Fiero Factory in Toney, Alabama, just north of Huntsville. I have transported front and rear fascias in a Fiero by opening the deck lid and placing the fascia inside with the finished side facing forward, then tying or bungee cording the deck lid down.

I think Mike is in Colorado or Kansas but the parts warehouse is in Toney. (720) 545-6791