Do You Think a Fiero is Good For Me? (Page 2/2)
cvxjet FEB 12, 09:30 PM
Put your wife or girlfriend in the trunk- then there is plenty of room for your dog...and you won't hear complaints about your driving! ;<D
jelly2m8 FEB 13, 03:42 AM
As 1985FieroGT mentioned, a Fiero will not meet your expectations, a 50 MPG goal may be doable if you want to drive a slug, but there is no way you will get 1000 pounds out of this car, wont happen, if it could be, it would be posted all over here

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cam-a-lot FEB 13, 07:37 AM

Originally posted by Dukesterpro:

I'm gonna be frank with you. As a daily driver of my 86GT (except for salty winter). If you don't WANT a Fiero. You don't want a Fiero.

Its a cantankerous, quirky, complicated despite its simplicity, inconvenient, often unreliable (most of them were not taken care of since they were so cheap), GM parts bin POS of a car.

To me its the best car in the world, but I treat I have to treat it like a pet to keep it running as good as it does. That means targeting problems before they occur, constant preventative maintenance (relative to your civics). If you want it as a just another fun car to drive around. Keep walking.

If you WANT a Fiero and nothing else, Its a wonderful experience.

Great advice, and bang on. Fieros are not practical, lightweight or particularly reliable /fuel efficient. They make sense as a hobby/toy car far more than a regular daily driver.

hyperv6 FEB 13, 04:05 PM
The Fiero today is not a daily driver.

There are a number of much better cars out there for what you are doing.

Find a good Cobalt SS turbo. Fast and handles great. I had an HHR SS turbo and it was a blast.
cliffw FEB 14, 10:00 AM
If you decide to get a Fiero, beware.

Many of us have more than one, .
David Hambleton FEB 14, 12:07 PM

Originally posted by J-L:

In summary, I like a car that is lightweight, economical, serviceable, safe, easy to modify, excellent handling, and fuel efficient. Civics fit the bill, but I think a Fiero is much more interesting and modifiable.

Let me know what you guys think. I’ve been on the fence for a long time.

Find a local Fiero owner and ask for a test drive; most owners are happy to accommodate enquires.
If you think you might like to have a Fiero, get one and see; it doesn't have to be a lifetime commitment.
Your post alludes to you having some mechanical aptitude, so you should be fine with the maintenance and repair that will inevitably be needed.

I ordered an '84 SE 4 speed the first day you could in Canada in Sep '83. It arrived in May '84 and has been a daily driver since with over 400,000 kilometers on it now.
I also have a '86 5 speed coupe and '88 5 speed Formula; all three elicit smiles, waves, thumbs up and positive comments regularly.
None are driven in wet salty conditions that we sometimes have in the Niagara Ontario area.

You didn't state why you have 7 Civics; are they all roadworthy?

My 'fleet':

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