Engine vibration coin test (Page 1/1)
1985 Fiero GT FEB 08, 02:41 PM
I've seen some videos where people will take a coin, stand it on its edge somewhere on the engine, then start the car, idle it and maybe rev it. Just for fun, I did this test, as I think the 2.8 is quite a smooth engine, and the coin toppled over when the engine started, but once it was running, the coin would stay up. I didn't get around to trying to rev it, I doubt it would stay up doing that though. That's with poly dogbone, original engine/trans mounts, solid cradle bushings, and the car on 4 jackstands.

Starting video: https://youtu.be/23E4kzkihGQ
Running video: https://youtu.be/4nzUHkVTYOE
hyperv6 FEB 08, 07:03 PM
The old trick was just done st idle.

When you rev or start the engine will rock in the rubber mounts too much yo play that trick.

An old car mounted solid to the frame might have done it but not as likely.
pmbrunelle FEB 08, 10:00 PM
OP used a Canadian nickel.

What is the standard coin used for this test?
1985 Fiero GT FEB 08, 10:31 PM
I think the standard was a big British 1 pound coin, they have videos of this being done with rolls royces, those coins are huge, wide, with very flat edges, so a nickel was a harder test, also with my car on jackstands, it was tilted a bit, so a major pain to get the nickel balanced in the first place, I tried the rev, but couldn't get the nickel balanced again, ended up losing 2 of them haha. I might try it with a 1 pound piece my dad has, but don't want to lose it.