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Cliff Pennock JAN 31, 08:11 AM
I get tons of spam every day, but this one caught my eye:

Dear sir,

How are you?

I attach you a 1969 Mustang lamp with sequential functions for your reference. See the video for the funtions which I uploaded on my FB page

If you are interested in such kind of lamps too, please feel free to contact us. We will make a full range of them to cover all the year models. Sequential or non-sequential functions are all available.

If you are interested in, please just feel free to contact us.

I am looking foward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,


After first checking it was safe to click that link, I did and it was actually pretty interesting. I wonder if they could make something for the Fiero? I would consider buying a set for sure.
82-T/A [At Work] JAN 31, 08:43 AM
Link without the "."
olejoedad JAN 31, 09:36 AM
I've done sequential turn signals and brake lights on Fieros using aftermarket sequencers.
theogre JAN 31, 10:06 AM and a member here years ago has made Sequential Turn Signals & other kits for 20+ years.

There are several ways to DIY them too if have time & free/cheap electric parts.

But his & others DRL kit using turn lamps have same problem as GM & other OEM w/ turn lamps as early factory installed DRL because 2057 & related bulbs & many fixtures aren't made to have Bright filament On indefinitely & cook the bulb base &/or fixture for cars that are driven a lot.
Example: GM had TSB for some vehicle to use "long life" 3157 (Bayonet Wedge base version of 1157) w/ ceramic base on "krypton" bulb for this problem but still fried or burn out fast because Bright side only rated for ~ 1200Hrs.

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The Ogre's Fiero Cave

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Cliff Pennock JAN 31, 02:00 PM
What I like about these is that you can choose between several sequences.
theogre FEB 01, 12:44 AM
Just installing LED in taillight for "normal" bulbs are Illegal in many US states & even in some other Countries or part of them.
UK's MOT & some EU members very like will Fail inspection w/ "LED Upgrades."
Many Cops in the US & others can/will write a Ticket w/ large Fines & Points too for any Equipment Violations.
Worse on top of that, Cops in various places can "void" current Inspection so can't drive the vehicle until Passes a new inspection causing you to loose more "$." Or some will Impound the vehicle & you find another way home or whatever then have to pay Impound Fees include Towing & Storage per Day.

UK MOT & other counties Inspection rules are often online but maybe hard to find.

Why Illegal & often dangerous to the owner & others... Because of problems covered in the cave & more.

Spammer maybe even likely knows that & doesn't give a F because other fools will buy the junk anyway.

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fliphone FEB 02, 12:02 AM
If you're on the hunt for sequential LEDs this guy does really good work. I've got a set of his sequential front turn signals and they work great! He also has a video for his new LED GT taillight panel that look pretty awesome on his facebook, probably gonna try and snag a set when they get back in stock

buddycraigg FEB 03, 05:51 PM
There were two suppliers back in the day who advertised to the fiero market.
1 used transistors, 1 used relays.

I went with the transistor one. Still working.